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True Athlete Profile:
We will use the most advanced technology to test your power, strength and conditioning.
We will use state-of-the-art sensors to assess jump height and ground contact time, which we will calculate the athlete’s reactive strength index. We will use these 3 metrics that are easy to understand but powerful enough to see the strengths and limitations of any athlete!

Using a next generation device we will assess your strength in the Isometric Mid-Thigh Pull (IMTP). The IMTP has been studied as an extremely safe, fast and accurate way to assess strength. We will see how much force an athlete can generate and assess their Rate Of Force Development (RFD) which is an absolute game changer in seeing the limits in any athlete!

VO2 Max is the crown jewel of conditioning tests! During the fitness test we will assess how your body uses oxygen, clears CO2, what your heart and breath rate is at different levels of exercise or even show you where your body can’t keep up to the demand of what you’re doing.

What you get:
After the one hour test is over, we will get to work on all the information that we gather and schedule a follow up call with you to go over your results. We will provide you with what your limitations are and a clear plan on how you can improve.

You’ll get:
Detailed report of all your results and a phone call to make sure you understand the numbers
4 Week customized program to work on your limitations and your goals
Customized Heart Rate Training Zones as these should be based on your performance and not your age

You get all of this never before available testing, reports or level of individualization for your fitness programming! You get this detailed and advanced package all for only $149 + HST, so book yours today!